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Lonesome Isle by Lisa Groszek

Lonesome Isle

Elizabeth Milton accepted her mother's death years ago. As a writer investigating her first feature length assignment, she is faced with the knowledge that not only is her mother alive, but she's been held captive and now doesn't want to leave this parallel universe that's so much like, yet so much unlike their home.

Elizabeth's love of writing takes her to the small island, but it's her compassion for others and her intense longing for the mother that she once knew that makes her cross the threshold into the parallel universe. Once there she finds that the devilish creature Dominic and his plans of world domination are the captivating force that holds many prisoners.

In this paranormal, mysterious tale Elizabeth finds her mother, her true love, and herself as she battles Dominic to gain everyone's freedom.

Above and Below by Lisa Groszek

Above and Below

After sixteen years of relative peace and quiet, Elizabeth Renzen will once again be sought out and have to battle the forces of good and evil. Her son, Mitchell will join her on a crusade uncovering truths long buried. The strength of family consistently shines as they struggle together to free themselves from darkness for good.

And they danced by Lisa Groszek

And They Danced: Songs of Life

In this book, poet Lisa Groszek celebrates life's many ups and downs. Meaning is found in some of the most simplistic trinkets while bold statements are made about life in general. An appreciation for lives lived sings melodious while an awe of lives formed sings just as loudly. All in all, the celebration in this book is that of life in general.

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