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About Lisa Groszek

Author and Poet

Welcome to my World

In what seems like an entire lifetime ago, I fell in love with the written word. Specifically, the words that invoke other worlds and bring them to life on the page. I endeavor to create that in my own writing. While I enjoy a good mystery and several classics, nothing gets my blood pumping like mirrored universes, the supernatural, worlds that work differently from ours (think sci-fi), and they often infuse an age-old good versus evil plot. 

Lisa Groszek Author of Speculative Fiction

Nice to Meet You

So glad you took the time to check out my page! Groszekwrites would not be much without people like you!  


Here's the rub. I'm in my 40's. Other than writing, I'm an English teacher, a runner, a mother of two, and a wife. My wonderful family and I live in Northwestern Indiana, just over the Indiana/Illinois border and not far from Chicago. We love being able to go to the greatest city in the world, but we also love being able to come home from it!

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