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Lisa Grozsek Author and Poet

My name is Lisa Groszek.
I write speculative fiction books.

My stories are set in contemporary times and coupled with supernatural events like parallel universes, demons, and time travel.

Groszek author of speculative fiction

I've been writing for over 14 years and in that time I have self-published two novels and one poetry book. Speculative fiction writing allows me to investigate the constant fight for balance between good and evil through including fantastical elements. My poetry comes from moments of my life as well as observations that I make about life in general.

I am currently hosting book signing events in the Northwest Indiana area. Book signings provide a venue where I can get to know my readers as well as personalize their copy of the book. I enjoy hearing the perspective of the reader when discussing my written works. Contact me to book your next signing event.

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"What a great new and up and coming author! This book was tremendous and I could hardly put it down! I was so excited when I discovered there would be a sequel! A true, must read."

- Jennifer Young

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